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“E.R.Perkins delivers a night of immaculately calibrated terrors. I adored this show from start to finish.”

- Reece Sheersmith (Inside No 9, League of Gentlemen)

The Séance Party is an elegant and unsettling evening of ghost stories, Victorian séance history, and 'parlour games' hosted by paranaturalist and party planner E. R. Perkins. Perkins welcomes guests to experience a theatrical evening of ghostly prose and haunted synchronicity.


It's a night of Strange Ceremony and Metaphysical Comedy for the Living and the Dead. 


A warning: The Séance Party includes genuine attempts at spirit contact. It is not for those of weak heart or inflexible moral disposition. Anyone of a nervous disposition, or who consider themselves vulnerable to intense psychomorphic influence, should, please, be advised...

Not all of the guests at the party have been invited.

"Here Comes the Devil"
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Welcome to The Séance Party


A video glimpse of DREADFUL DREAMS. Join E.R. Perkins for peek behind the veil of his sold out performance, presented here in gloriously unflattering archival footage, shot from the back of the house @ The Siren Theater in Portland, Oregon on the 26th of October, 2019.

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