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E.R. Perkins presents HAUNTED HiFi

streaming free Dec. 20th to Jan. 1st

Celebrate the spectral season with a limited showing of E.R. Perkins' audio-only performance, HAUNTED HiFi.

Gather your guests in the holiday gloom and immerse yourselves in ghostly prose and poetry, merrily macabre music, and genuine attempts at spirit contact. This 40 minute soirée with the spirits is intended to be enjoyed in one, uninterrupted parlour performance in your very own darkened home.

Haunted HiFi ERP 05.png
HHF album back.png


- Haunted HiFi consists of one, long-playing track of approximately 40 minutes in length. This recording was intended to be relished as one, uninterrupted parlour show.

- To maximize your experience your room should be arranged to allow guests to sit, roughly, in a circle.

- Each member of your party should have a candle directly in front of them. Your host will indicate when to light your candle.

- Spirits materialize best in the proper atmosphere. Do take the time to set the stage.

- A single, empty chair should be placed prominently in your seating arrangement, preferably in the center of the room. 

- For your safety, if two or more candles should go out and any time during the performance, pause the recording until your protective circle of light can be reestablished. 

** Sales, distribution, or sharing of any kind is expressly forbidden. Please, maintain the integrity of the haunted artifact. **


Pressing play on the recording below constitutes acceptance of all instructions included and indicates that you will hold harmless; E.R. Perkins, The Séance Party, and Parlour Ghost Productions for any residual manifestation or loitering entities.

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